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Console. The Personal Organiser For Your PC

This is Console. The personal organiser for
your PC.
Features include:
- Media Player capable of playing wavs, mp3s mpegs, avis and
most other formats.
- Notes section.
- Memos.
- Alarm capable of playing a sound or shutting down the
- Playlist editor/player with random option.
- Quick access to registry, control panel, cd player and other
Windows programs.
- Net search option. On Yahoo or Astalavista.
- Favourite directories feature, for quick access to 5 of your
most frequently used directories
- Favourite programs section.
- Always on top feature.
- Borderless form that is moveable.
- System tray icon.
- Volume control and mute option.
Many thanks to the author of CTARS-PADD for the idea and some
features!! This can also be found on Planet Source Code.

Original Author: James Compton

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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