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Zac's Bulletin Board System

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

Half-finished, ansi capable, multi-threaded telnet bulletin board system (BBS) written entirely in VB. I got bored (no pun intended) with writing this, so I figure I'll let the world take a stab at it. I modelled it slightly off of Telegard. Be sure to extract the files into the root of your c drive. It'll create a directory called ZBBS. Follow the instructions in README.TXT. To test locally, run the following: telnet Default login is SYSOP, and the password is SYSOP. It launches dynamically created out of process forms with winsock controls on each, so I think each socket is running in it's own thread space.

Original Author: Zac Spery

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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