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Back to simplicity: Fun with lines

Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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Yet another lame installment of simple effects.. this one uses lines and labels to simulate a button of different shapes.. i believe ive commented it enough for basic understanding (not like its complicated). So check it out, leave a flame, and have a coke and a smile..... ;)

Original Author: ^DaRk^


Assuming you have a computer, VB installed, and have more or less aquired basic reading/writing skills,
you should be all set.
Although i've labeled this as VB6 code,
it should work in other versions, provided
that you edit the retained line..


A sense of pride and self-satisfaction to know that you're better than i am.

Side Effects

You might devolope a psycological condition from
your unresolved hate towards me, but the acutal
risk is quite minimal.. just breathe deeply,
count to 10 and leave a nasty message, i'm sure
it will pass... ;)

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