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Its an mp3 player with a lot features. You can create your own play list, change the display colors, player includes balance, volume, frequency, and positional controls. Its has a output meter for both left and right channels. MP3@play also has repeat, loop, and randomize functions. I'm still working on the interface because I don't like the button layout but I thought it was worth posting the code. I used the digial music control(freeware) from Although the control has some very nice features I have come across some mp3s that dmc2 can't play. A possible work around for using this control is to re-record the mp3s using something like musicmatch jukebox(freeware). Hopefully the author will deal with these issue in a later release of DMC2.

Original Author: Karl J. Sak

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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