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SiDXball - uses SiDXengine.DLL

Posted: 2002-06-01
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VB6 Code Cache

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Do you want to know how to use a DLL in your projects? Or are you having trouble learning DirectX? Then this is for you! Imagine you could start DirectX, change the screen resolution and create primary and backbuffer surfaces all with one function call? What if you could play a MIDI tune with functions that have names as simple as PlayMIDI (rather than DirectMusicPerformanceCreate)? What if you could write a program that animates a ball, has sound effects and music in 5 mins with under 50 lines of code? Well, you can! Included in the .zip is SiDXengine.DLL, which allows you to do all this with ease. Give up DX and learn SiDX instead! REQUIRES DIRECTX7. See readme.htm for more information.

Original Author: Simon Price

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