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ASM+VB = VB Hardcore. REALTIME Picture Fade In/Out

Well, guys, are you ready for real speed? Real-time TRUECOLOR software-only picture pixel-by-pixel processing (no hardware accelerator stuff) in BACKGROUND, 50+ FPS of truecolor 640x480 image fade in/out with transparent full-area text scrolling - all in VB source, no DLL/OCX's - is it possible? Of course NOT :) Until you inject some assembler (machine codes) into it;-) Yes, hell working machine codes drive this sample, as well as some tricks abount DIB-images processing. Although nothing special in app itself (just slide show fading pics in and out) and you could get more fascinating stuff from DirectX, BUT! It's all in VB and works in IDE almost as fast as in compiled EXE.
So, take a look at this stuff. And I hope you won't vote it "poor" just because "I don't f@%$ understand how the hell it could be!" :-) The code is real VB hardcore. So, gimme ur "wow!" ;-)
BTW, that FPS was on my PII-400/RIVA TNT2. I wonder what's yours? Let me know!

Original Author: Dmitry Apukhtin


place your JPG's in its folder - it could eat them as well.





Side Effects

going mad not understanding how it could work ;-)

API Declarations

a "couple"

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Visual Basic 6

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