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SQL Server Database Explorer

Connect to SQL Server Database ,and see all tables and columns in Treeview , Datagrid.
All Stored Procedures ( Names and Texts of SP ) , Triggers ( Names and Texts of Triggers )
Views ( Names and Texts of Views ), Defaults ( Text and Name ) , Constraints ( Text and Name )
Primary Keys ( relationships ) , Foreign Key ( relationships ).
Search Engine , Combo1 > TableName | Combo2 > Column Name , Criteria >> with each letter (or any other character ) you type , you will narrow the result.
Direct Connection to Enterprise Manager ( with SQL Namespace object lib ) .
You can perform full administration and implementation of SQL server and every Database
( if you have those rights ) : Create Trigger , Stored Procedure , Role , Rule , Default , User def. Type.
Find out about Table Properties, Permissions , Dependencies,Delete Table.
You can use EM interface for Generate Scripts , Manage Indexes .
You can call EM interface for managing SQL server security, New Db user, and use EM's wizards for
Import and Export DTS . Everything is commented and Constants are attached in two Word .doc files.
With Query Builder you can perform very complex queries , Create tables , Update , Insert , Delete .
It supports T-SQL commands , so you can perform (almost) everything as you can with Query Analyzer.
Sample Queries , are attached as comments inside module.
How to manipulate , easy , with more recodsets at the same time.
Practically , this is simple console for administration and implementation SQL Server database ,with using full power of EM.
I hope that You can find this app. useful . If so , vote. Thanks.

Original Author: Srdjan Josipovic

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