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A basic ADO Open and Requery routine

Posted: 2002-06-01
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New to ADO? Worried about ADO? This little subroutine gets round the problems of opening ADO recordsets. Please look elsewhere on this site for info on opening the database itself.
If you open a Recordset in your code, ADO expects you to close it before re-opening. But if it's not open you can't close it... (Oh My!).
Here's my solution. It requires a public ADODB.Connection - I call it gCn.
The routine will open a new recordset (compatible with Janus GridEx), or refresh it if it's open or if the SQL has changed. Optional ReadOnly argument.

Original Author: Steve Mann


rs - an ADO recordset (eg Dim rsMine as New ADODB.Recordset)
szSource - (eg "select * from customers")
Optional - bReadOnly (True for read-only)


Assumes your public ADO Connection object is called gCn, and that the supplied szSource is a valid SQL statement.


Sets the supplied Recordset.

Side Effects

If you pass invalid SQL, you'll get an error. Ctrl+Break and you'll be ready to F8 out and see where you went wrong.


Public Sub ADO_OpenRs(rs As Recordset, szSource$, Optional bReadOnly = False)
' Open or Requery a Recordset.
On Error GoTo lab_Err
If rs.State = adStateClosed Or rs.Source <> szSource Then
If rs.State <> adStateClosed Then rs.Close
rs.Open szSource, gCn, adOpenStatic, IIf(bReadOnly, adLockReadOnly, adLockOptimistic)
End If

Exit Sub


MsgBox Err.Description
GoTo lab_Exit

End Sub

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