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The code on this submition is not the important thing, it is the id?. I have seen and made some coderepositorys, the problem is that i do not have the time to file in all the names,descriptions and so on. This code showes how you can use the existing filestructure where your code is currently placed. You can view the catalogs on one side and the files on the other. This way you can drag-and-drop files in to the vb-ide window. The program searches for a readme.txt file in each directory, and gives you a chance to write to it or make a new one.

Original Author: Fernando Pires


This code assumes that your files are cataloged in a systematic way, so that you can see codesnippets you have by the name of the catalog. If you want you can place a readme file in the directorys or write it in later. You can also search each node for a keyword by pressing the "s" key.

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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