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System Tray OCX Control

This control (source in the zip) is for adding your program to the windows system tray. It will handle the right and left mouse clicks, tooltips and icons. Real easy to use. Not messy. Just compile or use the ocx that included in the zip
Updated for Image changing in tray
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Original Author: Michael Hollifield


To add a icon:
sysiconcontrol.addtoTray Me,mnuLeft,mnuRight,"ToolTipText"
To change the tooltip text
sysiconcontrol.tooltiptext = "ABCDEFG"


This code will remove the icon from the tray automaticly. Just close your program and it will do so.
Also the icon is the icon from the form that this control is placed on. To update the icon just set the Image property of the control and there you go


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