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Random name creator (For creating nicknames and RPGs names)

The code generates a random name. I am giving basically two simple functions with which you can create a loop that will make many thousands of nicknames or names for roleplay games. Check it out.

Original Author: Vitaly


Function C() As String
  Const Consonants = "bcdfghijklmnpqrstvwxz"
  C = Mid(Consonants, Int(Rnd * 21) + 1, 1)
End Function
Function V() As String
  Const Vowels = "aeiouy"
  V = Mid(Vowels, Int(Rnd * 6) + 1, 1)
End Function
'Now lets create few random names in the debug window.
'Write there: print C & V & C & V & C
'And run this line a few times. Here are the results I got:
'I am sure that you would find to these two functions 1001 uses.

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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