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C Style Project Explorer Add-in

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

Acts as a C style project explorer for the active VB project.
Shows Enums, Declares, Property, Function, Sub
Highlights incorrect nesting in red.
Allows you to expand/contract nodes to view the code flow.
Clicking on a node will open that module and goto the selected line

Original Author: Roger Willcocks


Open VB Project


Do not try to run this add in in the project that it is created from, it throws a type mismatch error, and unregisters the add-in.
Due to problems with the previous version, I've redone the code to eliminate bugs, streamline the flow, and improve understanding. Unfortunately, I've also found that some of the pop-up menu functions can't be made to work easily as the VBE.SelectedVBComponent property is read-only, and can only be updated by the Project Explorer. If any one knows a good way around this, please let me know.
Due to several requests, the DLL is now included.
As someone pointed out, I didn't mention that Steve McMahon from vbAccelerator wrote the code for the popup menu

Side Effects

None - Uses Tree Control

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