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SkinDemo - Updated!!

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

Updates and fixes 11/11/00:?

I have updated the example a bit. I updated the move for (thanks to Joey Burgett). I fixed the code in the OpenSkin sub, now if the user is a first time user it will load the default skin!

Because of a request i also made it so that the form can be in the Windows task bar!?

I also updated the SkinBuilder, now you can make the exit and minimize buttons show or hide its captions and i added a new feature that allows you to preview the skin in a form so that you know what the skin will look like (this is why the skinbuilder source is now in the "skin" directory)?

And i also made 4 new Skins (Some graphics are from SoftShape, view skin comments for more)!!



Hello VB'ers. This code allows you to custumize (skin) your project 100% (size, shape, etc)
It also comes with a skin builder and 4 skins. It can save the last used skin, move the position of object and much more! Check it out, very easy to edit and understant, totally commented. please vote!

Original Author: Matthew Woodhams

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Visual Basic 6

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