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Do 50 common API calls in OCX! No remembering Tons of API! (Update2)

Posted: 2002-06-01
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50 common API calls in OCX so you just need to call them! Includes the folowing: Form on top, ShutDown, Restart, LogOff, TaskBarHide, TasksBarShow ,ScreenSaverOn ,ScreenSaverOff, DesktopIconsHide, DesktopIconsShow, ALT-CTRL-DEL Enabled, ALT-CTRL-DEL Disabled, OpenCDROM, EmptRecycle, MinimizeAl, OpenExplore, FindFiles, OpenInternetBrowser, InternetConnect, InternetDiconnect, SendEmai, Add_Remove, Add_HardWare, Time_Date_Settings, Regional_Settings, Display_Settings, Internet_Settings, Keyboard_Settings, Modem_Settings, Mouse_Settings, System_Settings, Network_Settings, Password_Settings, Sounds_Settings, Copy_File , Delete_File, Move_File, FlipMouseButtons and More!
(To add ocx to project: Hit Ctrl + T, then press browse and select my .OCX file and it will become one of your tools to pick from) then you type something like this in the code: CompControl1.ShutDown (this shuts down windows!!!)
Just Added (As of Nov. 5th 2000):
Show Cursor, Hide Cursor, Shut Down Dialog, Sleep, Play Wav sound, Enable / Disable Objects, See if Path Exists

Original Author: Wzerface

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