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Lord Nova Ice's Nova Ice RPG

Uh...Okay this is only 3% done and still buggy, but it has simi-lot of stuff already on it(now if you cant already tell i have an other name on PSC)
Ok anyway this is a TEXT-BASED RPG game that already supports a lot of working and stuff...well in about a month ill submit probabaly a 30% done copy(if im lucky)(and if ur wondering ill beworking on this ever day) id add the screen shot but it makes me go into a script timed out so ull just have to dl it.Also please vote heighly if you like it, if you dont please dont vote poorly,also send me loads of feedback and comments and suggetions.
-Lord Nova Ice

Original Author: Tanner Ezell (aka Lord Nova Ice)

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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