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Advanced Command Processor/Parser - basis for a compiler

* Perl style whitespace
support (whitespace
simply doesn't matter!)
* Unlimited number of
commands per line,
unlimited number of
arguments per command
* Commands are easy to
define using simple,
pre-designed select case
* Great for anything that
needs to accept
structured input!
General syntax: Command(Argu,ment,s); Arguments can include backslash escape characters. All whitespace is stripped unless arguments are enclosed in quotes. The engine processed over 300 commands in 6 seconds on my 200Mhz machine. This would work wonders for a multi-player game,
AOL/AIM "proggie", or even as a data format. Enjoy! Please vote if you think it deserves it. Happy Holidays and support PSC!

Original Author: Jameson Schriber


see code


see code

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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