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Acces control thru variable

Be able to access multiple controls which require the same task with minimal code. Basically I wanted to be able to access controls without having to write numerous bits and peices to reach multiple controls with multiple forms and could not find what I needed so I decided to post. Here you are creating 2 control arrays with labels and all the code will demonstrate is randomly changeing the color of a randomly selected label.
This is my first post so if a bit lame hope you at least find it usefull.

Original Author: James Travis


You need to create a form with the following items.
Timer1 Set Interval = 1000
Label1 (0 - 7) Control Array
Label2 (0 - 7) Control Array



Side Effects



Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
  Dim CtrlName As String, CtrlIdx As Integer
  Dim ClrSlct As Integer, ClrSlcted As Long
  Dim LblRow As Integer
  CtrlIdx = Rnd * 7
  ClrSlct = Rnd * 3
  Select Case ClrSlct
    Case 0
      ClrSlcted = &HFF00&   'Green
    Case 1
      ClrSlcted = &HFF&    'Red
    Case 2
      ClrSlcted = &HFF0000  'Blue
    Case 3
      ClrSlcted = &HFFFF&   'Yellow
  End Select
  LblRow = (Rnd * 1) + 1
  CtrlName = "Label" & LblRow
  Form1.Controls(CtrlName).Item(CtrlIdx).BackColor = ClrSlcted
End Sub

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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