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Advanced Dialer, Dial at a certain time, when you get Yahoo! Mail, or at an interval!

Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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Just by looking at the screen shot you can see what it can do. You can dial a number, you can have it set to dial a number at a certain time, you can leave Yahoo! messenger running and when you get mail have it call a number (beep you), and also dial a number on an interval. This program also minimizes to systray! I squezzed a lil code off from PSC, but I made this program 6 months ago so i don;t remember whos it is, if you realize its yours feel free to e-mail me, and i'll give u credit. Please post feedback and PLEASE VOTE, ENJOY!

Original Author: Nick Romanelli


when putting in a number to dial, in order for the othe phone to ring, you must at least put in two commas, so the modem doesn;t hang up right away
thats it, enjoy!

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