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Regarding Upload not working, ALL READ

Please all stop moaning about the Upload not working !
I have emailed Ian regarding this, and got an automated response saying that he is unavailable until the 19th (presumably he is taking a well earned break).
I think that this just shows how much planet source code relies on Ians efforts and we should all be greatful to him for the service which he provides us with.
So, may I beg you all again, stop posting messages saying that the upload doesn't work, and especially dont post messages insulting either Planet Source Code or Ian.
Ian puts a lot of time and effort into maintaining PSC and deserves a break every so often !
Well, thats all I wanted to say and I hope that the lamers who have been either insulting PSC or posting malicious code will have read it and take it into consideration.
-Dan Messenger

Original Author: Dan Messenger



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Posted: 2002-06-01
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