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Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

This program will save the field entry data on html web pages and will reload that data again if desired. (I got tired of filling out the same forms day after day, even with using the autocomplete for Internet Explorer.)
Enter a URL and press enter to navigate there.
Fill out the form and click the "Read Values" button. You will be prompted to save the data to a file (I made the web url the defult name of the file). When you navigate again later, you can click the "Set Values" and the form will be filled out after the proper data file is opened.
At launch, the program reads the last stored data and puts it in at the last visited page.

Original Author: Tom Pydeski




Thanks to Donathan Hutchings for the original Idea. He read all the data in from an html file. I modified it to navigate to a web page and to save the data. I alse added the ability to reload the fields from the file.

Side Effects

none (hopefully)

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Visual Basic 6

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