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File System 2.4

File System 2.4 is an ActiveX DLL that i made to make editing files easier. If you don't want to use a database for whatever reason, (like to little data in your project) text files are probably your next best bet. With this DLL (source IS included) you first call a function to set the file you are working with. Then you use fuctions like XAppend to append to the end of the file, XAddToLine to add some text to the end of the line by entering an any length string that the line begins with and it finds the line and adds the text to the end of it. You can delete lines with the function Xdelete, where you specify an any length string and it finds the line that begins with it and deletes only that line from the file. Use the DLL in your project by going to Add Refrences and selecting the DLL. All the features are then avalible for you to use in your project.

Original Author: Harry Maugans

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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