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An RPG Game Similar to Graal (only not quite as good =)

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

If you are at all interested in Game Development, you should definately check this out and AT LEAST look at the screen shot. This is an online game which i started a while ago and am yet to finish. My main reason for publishing this is to try to find other programmers/plot writters/graphics makers/music people/level makers/etc. for the finished game. This game has swords (that you can find and equipt with different attack powers), items (like lockets, special arrows, special bombs, money, etc.), equiptment (you have swords (atk power), shields (evasion chance %), helmet (+ to defense), armor (+ to defense), etc.). This game has tile features like bushes that when attacked, are shreded and there is a chance of a random item being left, walkable and non-walkable tiles. When you move, your guy even cycles through multiple sprites of walking. One of the biggest features in this game is PORGRAMMABLE NPCS!! I made a really simple language where you can make NPCs do dozens of things. There everything from visiblity scripts to checking the user's access prviledges on the game and letting him/her pass, or blocking the way. You have health and money (gold) and there is already quite a few maps made. Remember, this game is NOT finished. The online section doesn't wok yet, due to it being unfinished. When you login to offline, keep the username as Komodo9, i am having a database problem with the new user thing. I hope when you vote on this, you vote on what is done, all the database stuff, and game features, and do not take off credit because of it being incomplete, as i said it was. If you are interested in helping, please leave a comment and i will e-mail you. So far the game has come a log way, so enjoy. =D

Original Author: Harry Maugans


Please vote for this and leave comments on what i can do to improve it. =) If you would be interested in helping out, leave a comment and e-mail me.

API Declarations

Private Declare Function waveOutGetNumDevs Lib "winmm.dll" () As Long
Const TileWidth = 32
Const TileHeight = 32
Public Scrolling As Boolean
Public SignData As String
Dim OnlineHours As String
Dim OnlineMinutes As String
Dim OnlineSeconds As String
Dim IdleHours As String
Dim IdleMinutes As String
Dim IdleSeconds As String
Dim HitTmr As Integer
Public Dir As Integer
Public Dir2 As Integer
Public PX3 As Integer
Public PY3 As Integer

Public MBoxReturn As Boolean
Public Declare Function sndPlaySound Lib "winmm.dll" Alias "sndPlaySoundA" (ByVal lpszSoundName As String, ByVal uFlags As Long) As Long
Public Type ItemList2
Bow As Boolean
Arrows As Integer
LongBow As Boolean 'Farther Range than a bow
LongBowArrows As Integer
Bomb As Boolean
Bombs As Integer
PowerBomb As Boolean 'Twice as powerful as bomb
PowerBombs As Integer
RBomb As Boolean 'Twice the Range as bomb
RBombs As Integer
BlowGun As Boolean 'Arrow-like movement detonates like a normal bomb on impact

PowerCrystal As Boolean 'Doubles attack power for 5 sec; can only be used once
SpeedCrystal As Boolean 'Doubles speed for 5 sec; can only be used once
DefenseCrystal As Boolean 'Doubles Defense for 5 sec; can only be used once
PowerLocket As Boolean 'Doubles attack power for 10 sec; can only be used once
SpeedLocket As Boolean 'Doubles speed for 10 sec; can only be used once
DefenseLocket As Boolean 'Doubles Defense for 10 sec; can only be used once
GoldenCrystal As Boolean 'Doubles attack, speed, and defense for 5 sec; can only be used once
GoldenLocket As Boolean 'Doubles attack, speed, and defense for 10 sec; can only be used once
End Type
Public Type NPC3
Name As New Collection
Height As New Collection
Width As New Collection
XPos As New Collection
YPos As New Collection
GifPath As New Collection
ScriptSource As New Collection
End Type
Public Type Map2
Gold As New Collection
Bushes As New Collection
Arrows As New Collection
Bombs As New Collection
MapName As String
MapFileName As String
MapData As String
Music As String
MapHeight As Integer
MapWidth As Integer
MapX As Integer
MapY As Integer
MapTemp As String
MapBoxes As New Collection
Warps As New Collection
Signs As New Collection
TotalMapData As String
End Type
Public Type Online2
Account As String
Password As String
End Type
Type Direction2
Up As Boolean
Down As Boolean
Left As Boolean
Right As Boolean
Dead As Boolean
Stopped As Boolean
End Type
Public Type Player2
Gold As Integer
Arrows As Integer
Bombs As Integer
PlayerType As String
Direction As Direction2
Name As String
Health As Integer
AttackPower As Integer
Defense As Integer
Evasion As Integer
Speed As Integer
ItemList As ItemList2
PlayerX As Integer
PlayerY As Integer
MapPos As String
Map As Map2
MapTile(0 To 9, 0 To 9)
SwingingSword As Boolean
Online As Online2
End Type
Public Player As Player2
Public p2 As Player2
Const TileWidth = 32
Const TileHeight = 32
Dim titleclose As Boolean
Dim Mode As Integer

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Visual Basic 6


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