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TrueVision3D Engines Landscape Example

This sample is 1 of the great TrueVision3D samples with Realistic 3D and with a high frame rate per second.
This example shows you what you can do with the TrueVision3D engines, but it's still a small example if you know TrueVision3D.
To test this example then you'll need to download the TrueVision3D engine(s) at:
And if you need help or if you have any question then look at the TrueVision3D forum.
(Please make sure that you have read the agreements(terms of use) if you use TrueVision3D for a game or any other application/software)

Original Author: TrueVision3D


Download first the TrueVision3D engine(s) at:
(Don't forget to register them in your registery)

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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