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Input/Outpus file manager class wrapper

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

This app includes a class that incapsulates the functions of reading and writing to a text file. The class handles all the functions of reading, inserting, replacing, appending, and delting data. It's been a fairly handy class for me and now I share it with you. It basically treats a text as a recordset. Procedures include:
OpenFile-opens the file
RowCount-returns the number of rows in the file
CurrentRow-returns the current row pointed at
MoveToRow-moves to indicated row
MoveFirst-moves to the first row in the text file
MoveNext-moves to the next row
MovePrevious-moves to the previous row
MoveLast-moves to the last row
GetDataFromRow-gets data from indicated row(if no row is provided then gets data from current row)
DeleteRow-deletes row indicated or current row
WriteData-inserts,replaces or appends data to text file
A few changes were made to an earlier submittion. The name I used was a bit misleading, so I changed that as well.

Original Author: Sean Street

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Visual Basic 6

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