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Read The Event Log

Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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This code is incomplete but demonstates the proper way to use the Event Log API's, mainly ReadEventLog(). I found no help anywhere on the Net so when I figured it out I thought others may find it useful as well.

Original Author: Darryl Ackerman


By default it reads the local Event Log however you only need to chnge the strComputer variable to have it read other NT machines on your network


You must have windows NT/2000 to use this code. It will not work on Windows 9x/me.
This code will work with vb4/5/6 however the controls are from vb6sp5. You may need to create a new project file and replace the ListView control as previous versions of vb may night recognize the control since it is from vb6sp5.


Returns all records in the selected log

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