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SuperConsole: Complete DOS-like console in VB (new 26 APR)

Posted: 2002-06-01
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VB6 Code Cache

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This is a complete console with loads of features: 1. You can open and run any file in the directory 2. There is a set of commands for network operations, ping, whois, ip, hostname, port, etc. 3. There is an in-built image and text file viewer. It functions as a complete DOS console. There are functions for standard operations: cls, md, cd, name, del, list, etc. You can list all files in the current directory, there is a completely customizable interface. UPDATED Apr 23. Now you can delete, copy and move multiple files using windows' wildcards like *.* etc. COMPLETE FULLSCREEN MODE. There is support for reading text files and parsing their contents, like an MS-DOS batch file. One more update (same day evening): Added Pause and Echo functions, and complete DOCUMENTATION. *LATEST: NO FLICKERING!* Have a look at the screenshot and decide if its worth a vote!

Original Author: Sushant Pandurangi

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