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Posted: 2002-06-01
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VB6 Code Cache

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OK, I've made some more changes to the app. It's is still imcomplete, but I did promise some people that I would post a newer version so here it is. What it does............Right now, it lists all the classes, forms and modules that a project uses. For each procedure, it will list all the procedures that the given procedure calls. It will also tell you if the procedure called is out of scope, etc. There are still a few bugs with the tracing part. I haven't completed the "Procedures that Call me" section yet. Ok, other features, it will trace any threat words within the loaded application. There is a Threat word manager, so you can add/edit and delete the threat words. You can print the code of a selected module. That's about all I have implemented as of yet. Hopefully I will have the rest in a week or so.

Original Author: Sean Street

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