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A File Searching ActiveX Control

Posted: 2002-06-01
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With SearchFile ActiveX control anyone can search for a file through his disk drive. This control can return all matched files in a drive. I also included a test project with this control; with it you will understand the control’s Properties and Methods clearly! The things you can do with this control are, get default disk drive, number of drive, all drive latter, found file list or found file name with path, Folder list, folder path, default folder, sorted found file list etc. There are Methods for searching file, reset search etc. To open SearchFile ActiveX project with test project then open SearchFile.vbg else open SearchFile.vbp.
This control is very easy to use. With this control anyone can make utility type program's (i.e. Antivirus) file searching portion.
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Original Author: Mahatab-ur-Rashid

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