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True Multi-Threading

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

This project shows you how you can write multi-threaded components, in true VB style (i.e. Not using API). This code should ONLY be downloaded with those who have the _Enterprise_edition_ of Visual Basic, because I have used parts of Visual Basic unavailable to those who've got the standard editions. The multi-threaded example is a conversion of my A* code into a threaded DLL.
_This_code_is_also_NOT_for_the_newbie - I'd say you need a good understanding of COM (and preferably threading) before you attempt to understand how this project actually works. Please follow the instructions in the ReadMe file to compile the right things in order. Good luck!

Original Author: BigCalm


You must have a reasonable understanding of COM, the way Windows works (i.e. API knowledge), and lots and lots of headache tablets.

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Visual Basic 6


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