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Demonstrating the saving of a recordset to HTML using a HTX like template (only better)

Posted: 2002-06-01
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VB6 Code Cache

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With one simple procedure call you can create multiple HTML files based on any recordset and a HTX like template. It is possible to create multiple (nested) grouping levels. It is also possib to create your own constant parameters. The screenshot below and the demo project will show you some of the possibilities of this code.

The code is well commented and not to massive to go through. It uses the underappreciated Split function a lot. Because of the Split function the code is very small and fast.

This code can be useful:

  • When you are not able to access your database dynamically from your web server. You can use this to publish database information.
  • When you need an easy to use and customizable data reporting tool.
  • When the number of data updates is much lower than the web traffic you have. In this case static WebPages will probably give a much smaller server load.
  • If you created your own web server in VB. You can use this to give it functionality to access a database
  • When ...?

  • Original Author: Edwin Vermeer

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