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Grand Theft Auto Clone

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

A while ago I found Richard Clarks example on sprite rotation in Visual Basic using DirectX on PSC. I thought about how easy it would be to make a really crappy rip off of Grand Theft Auto. So I sat down for half an hour, and using Richard Clarks code, and my own coding, I wrote this very basic engine. Due to something screwing up in the upload process, I had to cut over half the graphics out to upload it to PSC. If you're interested in seeing this code go towards making something, or you want the full graphics file, drop me an email on
BTW, you can make your own maps (not that they are much of a map, only 1 screen) by editing the map.txt file. The code is xy, where x is the x-coord of the tile, and y is the y-coord. The values are from 0-z.
*UPDATE* Over a year after submitting this code I finally updated it. I haven't added anything, just tidied it up and included the graphics, as I'm deleting the site they were held on. Thanks.

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Visual Basic 6

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