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Complete File Send/Receive Application

Posted: 2002-06-01
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VB6 Code Cache

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Sends / Receives thru Socket Connections.
You will be transferring Files thru TCP/IP connections.Users can ADJUST the Data Packet Size to be transferred.Advanced Progress Indicators and a very user friendly design.PLEASE DONT FORGET TO VOTE FOR ME.!..Ps.: Make sure that you have an exisiting "C:Enforma SystemsTemporary Files" Folder in your C Drive for the files to be stored into.....

Original Author: CENGIZ SENSIVAS


No Inputs


A Great Example to get ideas how to establish a SOCKET connection and develop a Socket-T0-Socket / Client/server Application.....


No Returns

Side Effects

NO Side effects--tested in Win9x-WinNT-WinME and Win200

API Declarations


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