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HTTP File Downloader OCX

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

Added: Cancel feature ,error codes ,Time Remainaing ,Tansfer Rate , preserve file type, Check if connected, Connection type, prompt for overwrite, Pause.
Fixed: Now when you open the project all the files are together , Fixed the file open error, fixed cancel error.
This is a http file downloader OCX. All you have to do is supply a few things like the URL,Where to save the file at, You can even set chunk sizes. I'm doing more work on it, so expect to see resume supporting and more functions/features! It took me some time, so please give it a vote on what you think it deserves!

Original Author: Sean Gallardy


URL,Filename,FilePath,Chunk Size


You must be connected to the internet for this demo to work, although it can test your connection and terminate the download.


Handled by Events.

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Visual Basic 6


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