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Binary Resource Creator v1.2 **UPDATED**

Use this nifty program to combine files into a single binary file. Allows you to Combine and Extract files using a simple, easy to use, interface. Great for protecting your files when you distribute your apps/games. Also keeps your files seperate from you EXE so to update your app/game's graphics or sounds etc all you need to do is redistribute the binary file. If you like it a vote would be nice. If you hate it please tell me why. =]
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Version History:
1.2 -Added ability to select the destination extraction directory
-Added a "Add All" button so you can add all the files from a dir to the list.
1.1 -Fixed some minor bugs
-Added ability to remove files from list.
-Added error trapping
1.0 -Release version.

Original Author: Pointybeard


1a. A list of files and their paths
2a. Path to a binary file


1b. Single Binary File
2b. All files stored in that binary file

Side Effects

If you set the input files to be deleted and you create a binary file be warned that it the binary file becomes damaged then there is no way to retrieve the lost files. So BACKUP your originals. I cannot be held responsible for any unwanted side effects. =]

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