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Port Scanning

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

Once again article on winsock. This time I will try teaching you how to make a Port Scanner. There is an article, a simple scanner and a simple scanner with more functions.

Original Author: Philip Jensen


Yet another winsock article. I made this article after downloading a portscanner on PSC.

It said something about scanning 100 ports in few seconds. Anyway it wasn't very good, it just opened a new socket for every port so if you wanted to scan a lot of ports, you needed to load many sockets, and it took a great deal of resources. anyway:

This will teach you how to select the amount of sockets you want to open, and then scan ports. Just a basic portscanner, nothing special works but with no features.

Remeber to download the zip if you want the project to be in with the aricle.

In the compressed there is 3 folders.

article: The article

simple: The simple portscanner we make in the article

scanner: A better portscanner, not that the scanning code is, but better look and some other features.

Article - The article online

Compressed - The compressed flie (recomended download), also containing article

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The editor article that is linked to in this article, isn't uploaded yet, and will first be uploaded after Roskilde Festival if I have time before I go on vacaion (Juli 1st)

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