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Return Readable Characters

This small function will strip out the unreadable
characters and return readable characters in a string.
This works great for stripping thoes little boxes
out of the text that you just snagged from a web page.
I know that a lot of you have used my code,
but have not voted. It would be nice to see
some feedback in the form of a vote. Thanks.

Original Author: Dr. John A. Nyhart






Function ReturnReadableChrsOnly(sString As String) As String
  Dim lCount As Long
  Dim lPoint As Long
  Dim sTmp As String
  Dim sChr As String
  lCount = Len(sString)           ' Get a count of chars
  For lPoint = 1 To lCount          ' Loop through that count
    sChr = Mid(sString, lPoint, 1)     ' Get one chr
    Select Case Asc(sChr)         ' Set a case for the ASCII value of char
      Case 32 To 126           ' Is this an Readable Char?
        sTmp = sTmp & sChr       ' If yes then append to list
    End Select '??Select Case Asc(sChr)
  Next '??For lPoint = 1 To lCount
  ReturnReadableChrsOnly = sTmp
End Function

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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