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This program reclaims the RAM that windows fail to release. There are many shareware and freeware
versions, but I decided to make my own ( a couple of years ago) . It had a lot of other functions but
decided to make it more compact to avoid the use of many activex (I had that fever then). The program
shows a little pie graph which gives you the percentage of free, code and used memory (allocated, in use
or not), so you can monitor ram and get an idea of the amount of memory that use the code of all the
active tasks in your computer ( I haven't found yet the way to know how much ram is allocated by them...
if any one knows ... help) Also you can see which programs are active by right clicking the label that says
how many are using ram. The program will release some memory automatically if you have less than 10%
free. If it detects mouse inactivity for 5 minutes it will release almost a 70% (something that takes some
time and almost freezes other apps.). It uses CCRPPROGRESSBAR.OCX which you can download from or you can change the code that refers to it. Hope you like it.

Original Author: Salvador


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