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Custom VB6 Treeview control

Posted: 2002-06-01
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A UserControl made with a VB6 Treeview control (MSCOMCTL.OCX - 6.00.8862)
with customized Background (Color, GradientRectHor, GradientRectHor
GradientTri, tiled Picture), Backcolor, Forecolor, Buttons, Tooltips etc.

Original Author: Panos Koutsoukeras

Side Effects

The UserControl does not repaint correctly if the ClipControls property of the Form1 has been set to False
Some of the Background options behave strangely, because of the Treeview control, but this is only a demo, showing some ways to draw on a VB6 Treeview background.
If Background = fvGrdntRectVer or fvGrdntTri or fvPicturedTiled (m_BackScroll = True) then the control
does not show Tooltips and Scrolls one at a time

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