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Network Computer Control

Posted: 2002-06-01
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If you are a network administration taking care of
labs, this tool can be indispensable. Although
it takes some work to configure the tool, it pings
up to 200 computers and with a gui shows the
good/bad status of the computers. I use it to
track over 170 "public" computers. Although
there are other ping programs out there, the gui
on this one is better than having the data in a
listbox and looks pretty neat, even if I say so
This is an upgrade to my orginal submission.
This upgrade resizes the form depending on the
number of computers configured.

Original Author: Phillip Ponchot


Ips.txt file that has a listing of computer names
and ip addresses.


Ips.txt must be configured either in a word
processing program capable of making dos text files
or via the program itself.


Returns whether a ping was returned.

API Declarations

See the BAS

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