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This is a Talking Webbrowser that I wrote for my 86 year old neighbor. His eyesight is starting to give, so he needs something that would help him surf the net.
This webbrowser is a good example of several functions, such as:
Reading the ACTUAL bookmarks that IE4 has stored, and displaying them in a manner that IE4 has (a scrolling window, where each bookmark is highlighted as the mouse is moving over it).
(Many codes on this site have browsers with custom bookmarks, but this is useless if you want to use the existing bookmarks).
Adding bookmarks to the existing ones.
Accessing selected text on the page
Accessing the complete text of the page
MS Agent (text-to-speech) usage, which can be found at:
I hope you have fun with this code. Good luck!
(Remember, this is designed for an almost blind person, so everything is very large. You can resize all the fonts to your taste).

Original Author: AlexI

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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