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DX7 engine full release with DLLengine

This is a 3d engine programming in VB with DirectX7
It support more than 40 useful routines
deals with
Direct Music
Direct input
Direct draw
That is basic use of johnaDX7 engine
it shows how to initialize the Backbuffer and Zbuffer engine
it show how to caps user key input from keyboard
for explanation
write me at
if you like my engine write me and vote for me
if you want the engine source code email me
This is the Version 1.01
it support Texture maping
-Multitexturing 2 level on my P2 333 with phonix Vanta
-Fog linar or exponentiel
-Terrain gererating
-Texture creation from JPEG,BMP,GIF files
-Directsound is support and Dsound3d
-Direct music is support
-light mapping in multitexturing FX tools method
-hight precision terrain colision detection
-Basic actor camera mov
-turn arround
-and many more
-Basic geometric object genarating as cube ect..
-and many others interesting useful stuff.....
Download the Demo and the engine
or the Demo file at

Original Author: polaris

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