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A DirectX 8.0 3D World

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

This is the beginning of a 3D world in DirectX 8. You can choose from a list of lighting, even wierd ones like Night Vision and UnEarthly. You can set how high and fast you jump, how fast you move, how far above the ground your head is and more. It is still in developement though so so far all it is is just flat ground and a sky but it is still pretty cool. I am just a beginner with DX (though pretty advanced at VB) so if anybody can help me with this prioject, you are welcome. The frame rate isn't brilliant. I got 70fps but I started out with about 200fps before I added the vertices and textures. Most impostant - PLEASE VOTE FOR IT AND LEAVE ME FEEDBACK SAYING WHATS GOOD ABOUT IT -Any ideas for it also welcome. I'll give you credit if you help me or I use an idea of yours, Thanx. ;)

Original Author: Coding Genius

Side Effects

Don't run it while connected to the internet. For some reason it seems to freeze up on me. It works fastest in the exe. I have not put in any enumeration so it might not work. You can easily change the code to adapt to your system and I have left usefull comments with suggestions.

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Visual Basic 6


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