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Neural Net II

This new version of my neural net is not like the frst one at is a complete remake and works much better(plus this one has a purpose). the net can be trained to do a single task in a few seconds, then after that it will take less that a second(at least on my comp) to do the same task over, it is an excellent way of having a computer learn something(in this case a string). If you like this please post comments and vote, also if you are working w/ NeuralNets then please email me and we can work together(with an app i am making that will allow ppl to use the same code-window for 10 diff languages..i will post it when done)-BTW: because of a complaint from them i now know that the background image i use on this originally came from RG Soft and is copyrighted by them.

Original Author: Cory J. Geesaman

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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