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HTML Parser - throw away WebBrowser control manipulate HTML with ease, incl. demos

Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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*** Throw away the incredibly over-used Web Browser Control, make your own ***
This is first control of its kind on PSC. It parses HTML and then fires events on the beginning of tags, tag properties and their values, the ending of tags (the end of the beginning tag) the closing of tags (), and the text in between tags allowing you to do practically everything with HTML. Yeehaw! Extract information with ease (link spider, e-mail harvester), manipulate tags
like never before, create blisteringly fast syntax highlighters
(see the demo), even your own web browser! (see the demo) it uses only the MS RTF box. Please vote and support PSC. Look for a tutorial soon :).

Original Author: Jameson Schriber


HTML code


Have fun


Fires events based on the HTML

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