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Enhanced version of Elad Rosenheim's "Dynamic" Resizable Skin Demo

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

I have enhanced Elad Rosenheim's "Dynamic" Resizable Skin Demo to better support KewlPad skins as well as added several functionality changes to bring it closer to a complete skinnable solution.


- All the code was removed from the form's codebase and put into a Class Module to make it reusable and easily compiled into an ActiveX DLL. 

- Allow for A Minimum Client Area size 

- Allow for Maximum Form Size

- Ability to make the form non-movable, non-resizeable, and/or Always OnTop. 

- Removed the need to have a second "Hidden form" for correct Minimize events. 

- Built in routine will reconfigure form using API calls and remove the titlebar and 3D effects, so you don't have to change the form's BorderStyle in the IDE.

- Added several events triggered when the form skinning is complete, The Minimum button was clicked, the Close button was clicked, ClientArea and Form MouseEvents, and of course on Form Resize.

- New Skin properties: FontColor, FontBold, BackColor.

Over 50 KewlPad skins are available at

*Please ask the original Skin author for permission before distributing there skins with your app.

Original Author: Howard D. Hull Jr.

API Declarations

Some :)

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Visual Basic 6


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