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An Awsome Game - BotMatch - 2 Player ROBOT WARS Game [multiple weapons, shields, great GUI] **

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

BotMatch is a game I started as a school assignment last
semester, but continued to work on a little bit throughout the summer...
You and an opponent battle your BOTs out, in a quick-moving shooting arcade
style game. With an array of weapons and shields, it's a fight to the end!
I suggest seeing the game help screen (Press F1 During game-play) for
details on how to use the controls. It is made to be played on the keyboard
by both players. I am developing the AI right now in multiple difficulty
levels. Too give the game more purpose and to make it more addictive, I
will be adding many more weapons, sheilds and other BOT upgrades that the
players will be able to purchase with credits earned from their matches.
This game demonstrates the use of BitBlt, Collision Detection, Arrays, and
such tricks as how to blit text to the screen, and make fading text. Be
sure to click the Advanced Options button on the second setup form to play
with the graphics options. I hope this code helps someone, for me it has
been a great learning experience writing this. I will be getting rid of the
pictureboxes in my next version as well and using the CreateDC API to be
more efficient. Happy Coding Everyone :)

Original Author: (Tim Miron) yar-interactive software

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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