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Enhanced VB Forms (v2)

2 controls that vastly extend the cababilities of Visual basic.

*** VBEventWindow - provides a simple subclassing control.
- ActiveApplicationChanged, fired when your app gains or loses user focus
- LostCapture, fired when your app gains or loses the capture
- KeyPressed, fired when any of the keys are pressed
- LowMemory, fired when the system is running low on memory
- Move, fired when the form is moved
- VerticalScroll, HorizontalScroll, fired when the form scrollbars are set
- WindowsSettingsChanged, WindowsINIChanged , fired when the windows environment settings are changed
- NonClientMouseMove,NonClientMouseDown,NonClientMouseUp,NonClientDblClick, fired when a mouse event occurs in the non-client part of your form
- MinMaxSize, fired when the OS wants to know what size to make your form either in response to a minimise/maximise command or when the user is dragging the resize box.
- MouseOverMenu, fired when the mouse is over a top level menu
- WindowMessageFired fired for all the other windows messages
- InvalidateRect, Sets part of the form invalid to indicate that it needs to be repainted
- ClassName, returns the windows class name fo the form
- DeviceContext, returns the device contect of the form (for graphical operations)
- HorizontalScrollbar, VerticalScrollbar, sets or unsets scrollbars on the form
- TopMost sets the form to float over the top of other forms
- Transparent, makes the formclient area invisible
In the form load...
Private Sub Form_Load()
Me.VBEventWindow.ParentForm = Me.hWnd
End Sub
*** VBSysTrayCtl - Provides a simple control to allow your application to use the SysTray
- MouseMove, Fired when the mouse moves over the tray icon
- MouseDown, Fired when a mouse down event occurs over the tray icon
- MouseUp, Fired when a mouse up event occurs over the tray icon
- MouseDblClick, Fired when the user double clicks the Tray Icon
- ShowIcon, displays the icon in the system tray area
- Hideicon, removes the icon from the system tray area
- Refresh, updates the icon displayed in the system tray area

- Tooltip, the tip that is displayed if the user hovers the mouse over your systray icon
In the form load....
Private Sub Form_Load()
Me.VBSysTrayCtl1.Tooltip = "Merrion Computing"
End Sub
Private Sub Form_QueryUnload(Cancel As Integer, UnloadMode As Integer)
End Sub

Original Author: Duncan Jones


The functionality of this control is quite complex.
Fuller help is provided at

API Declarations

This source code has examples of a huge number of API calls. It is worth downloading for that alone.

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