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Auction Magic

Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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The Purpose Of Auction Magic Is To Generate Html Source Code To Be Placed Into An Ebay Auction. Auction Magic Has A Web Browser, Shows The Source Code, Creates It Before Your Eyes And Navigates The New Code. Great Things To Learn From This Project Are:
Trial Version + Counting System
(comes With A Registration Code Generator!)
Splash Screen
Mouse Over Help
Tool Tip Text
How To Open Files
How To Save Files
Resizing Your Forms Using Formulas
Based On The Size of The Form, And The Locations of Other Objects On The Form
Many Innovative Ideas. Please Feel Free To Do With It As You Please.
Instructions On Using The Registration Code Generator:
Open IT
double click the lock icon on the form
a text box and a little button will appear
in the textbox type ashley
click the little button
Your Good To Go!
p.s. The Zip File Contains The Following:
2 VB Modules
2 Zip Files
1 of the zip files is Auction Magic Project
The Other One Is The Registration Code Generator

Original Author: Paul Ishak


Your Head Is Going TO Explode Trying To Figure This One Out!
Mine Exploded Making IT!

Side Effects

Auction Magic Creates a folder (C:Program Filesamagic)
this is where EVERY file this program creates is stored.
No Registry entries, No Installer Or Uninstaller Required.

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