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SolidWorks Viewer/Plotter

Batch viewing/ and plotting of Solidworks files. This is also extended to view word, excel, txt and picture files. Many more features is added in future. Take care,yall...

Original Author: Bubba 1947


* Registered solidworks only.
* SW 2001/SP11
* VB 6 SP5
* Windows 2k tested only.
* You may wish to incorporate some more functionality. Replace the PrintDirect statement with a PrintOut2. Also, the asm file view need to be zoomed-to-fit.
*Autocad functionality can also be added.
*Printing of the picture and other file types need OLE invoking of their respective parent type. I will include in the next version.
Many thanks to many of the PSC coders whose help has been immensely useful



Side Effects

None... try at your own risk.

API Declarations

Please check code.

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