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ListView Control For Files In Folders OCX Control By MegaSoft

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

Ever tried using the listview control in your application to view files???? Well if you have you will probably know that it takes a few modules or about a few hundred lines of code! Well if you ever thougt in your mind... "I WISH SOME ONE WOULD CREATE A CONTROL JUST FOR VIEWING FILES................" Well your Dream has just come true! It only takes 1 line of code to load up all the files in a listview!
Explore1.path (Dir1.Path)
It can also load up the individual properties for any file - find size, type, location etc.
and you have them
this control is royalty free so you dont need to pay. All I ask is that you email me (by Clicking my name above) if you are using it in any examples of apps, and give me some credit!
Otherwise, please vote, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, leave comments and VOTE! Please report and bugs by the comments below

Original Author: Richard Taylor

API Declarations

'To Many To List Here (Its A OCX And Example)
'If PSC Deletes The OCX Please Leave A
'Comment Below And I Will Hurry To Upload It To
'Another Server. It is not code because I just
'Want to make life a lot easier for VB coders!
'Please vote! an award or in the top 10 would be great!!
'To judge my Control Just Try Using all the code
'From other Explorer Files!!!

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Visual Basic 6

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